Current Contact Information:  306-283-4224 or 306-426-2080; bdblackmon@hotmail.com

The haunting cry of the Canadian loon issues a welcome never to be forgotten. Special places deeply enrich our lives.  This is a special place. The presence of eagles, pelicans, moose and bear, wolves and weasels, otters, beaver, loons and larks, geese and grouse add icing to the cake of the wonders in the water. Great northern pike, walleye and lake trout inhabit deep cold waters which are among the cleanest and most beautiful waters remaining in the world. These pristine lakes are unfettered by dams or development and surrounded by magnificent wilderness. Nearby, five species of trout are planted in smaller lakes in almost total isolation. Baitcaster, spincaster, flyfisher, troll, cast, top water, belly boat, downriggger, 4/6# test or steel line – it’s all here and it all has a place.

For the past twenty-six seasons visitors from Canada, the United States, and many other parts of the world have come to enjoy this special location with us. Our desire has never been to create a place of manmade impressive structures but to create an experience reminiscent of how it was and, we think, how it should be. Sure, we have hot showers, fantastic food, sunsets that rival any sunsets in the world; but we don’t have flush toilets,  it is a two hour drive to the closest MacDonalds and the squirrels will always accompany you to the docks just below the Kamp.

We now have the camp up for sale – if you’re looking for a dream spot “away from it all” – give us a call at 306-283-4224 or email us at bdblackmon@hotmail.com

Bill and Jeanne


Dock at Sunset a1-Nipekamew Lake Landing